5 Ways Reiki Can Enhance Your Life

Reiki, a Japanese technique that uses “life force energy”, or “Ki”/“Chi”, to aid relaxation and healing, has been used around the world by people for almost a century.

There are many benefits of having Reiki in your life. Experienced on a regular basis, Reiki can have a positive impact on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, all of which affect your daily life for the better.

Reiki can help:

  • Promote calmness and relaxation allowing you to be in the present moment;
  • Reenergise by increasing the level of universal energy (Ki/Chi) through the body;
  • Reduce tension, anxiety and stress;
  • Relieve depression; fatigue and low moods;
  • Balance emotions during times of overwhelm and lack of clarity;
  • Promoting better sleep and increases your body and cells ability to restore and recharge;
  • Release toxins from the body and boosts the immune system.

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5 Ways Reiki Can Enhance Your Life

Now, let’s take a detailed look at some of the ways in which Reiki can enhance your life:

1 Stress Reduction & Relaxation  

Reiki is conducted by using “hands on” and also “hands off” healing. Life force energy is then transferred from the Reiki practitioner to the client and this technique can assist in reducing pain and discomfort by removing blocks to the flow of energy in your body and mind.

This natural process aids relaxation, which happens as the heart rate is lowered, tension is relieved and you are placed into a calmer state of wellbeing.

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2 Emotional Healing 

No ones life is perfect and we have all experienced some kind of emotional trauma in our lives. These traumas can be left unresolved and carried with us for many years if we don’t work through them.

What many people don’t realize is that we also can also carry negative energy from these wounds, which may be affect our physical and mental health.

We use our emotions to relate to others and they affect every thought and action. You can only repress them for so long before they begin to have an affect on your life and relationships.

Regular Reiki treatments allow you to become relaxed, both physically and mentally, resulting in less emotional repression. Repressed memories of past events are than allowed to arise automatically.

When traumatic memories are buried deep in the mind; they can create emotional discomfort. However, when they arise, you are given the opportunity to release them in that moment. Reiki healing supports you to release them in a safe and easy manner.

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3 Connection with the Universe 

Reiki connects you to universal energy, which allows you to receive healing. Each and every one of us has the power of healing within us. We are surrounded by energy and it is accessible through breathing, food, water, exercise, meditation and technology such as mobile devices, the Internet and radio.

Reiki strengthens our connection with the universe as it helps bring in a positive sense of well being. When we are feeling and acting positive, we open the door to manifesting more of the same back into our lives.

Gaining access to this energy is simple. You just need to set an intention to connect to the universe, picture what you want, give it focus every day and in all that you say, do and think and watch the magic happen.

It really is that easy… but in order to make it happen, you have to take these required steps first.

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4 Balance your life 

Feeling unwell, experiencing health problems and stress is more likely to occur when your life force energy is at a low level or even blocked.

Reiki treatments assist in moving and stimulating more life-force energy through your body, resulting in calming the mind and restoring balance to your chakras.

When you are in a peaceful state of being, you will be better equipped to deal with everyday stressors, thus making you more resilient and able to cope with challenges that may come your way.

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5 Boost Your Immune System & Health

A new study conducted by Hotchkiss Brain Institute in Canada, suggests that stress can change certain brain structures.

These changes can then also be mirrored in the brains of others. Should this is true, it would explain how some people are more likely to “catch” stress from another person, for example, in close relationships, at work or in society in general.

Unmanaged and ongoing stress can block the body’s natural ability to regenerate, repair and protect itself. Continual stress over a period of time can then go on to cause various health issues, both physical and mental.

Reiki can help to aid relaxation, de-stress and bring emotional clarity into your life, and this in turn will assist with improving your overall health, boosting your immune system and by relieving tension and stress, which may be stored in the body.

To find out more about Reiki and The Perth Healing Room, click here.

With love and gratitude,

Dal xx


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